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    Dental Beta Ti Arch Wires
    Introduction: Found in 1789, Ti is a rare metal and was first used as a material metal in 1952. Ti and its alloys have good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, low density and high specific strength, and are widely used in oral clinics. The development of medical Ti alloys can be divided into three stages, and now it is entering the third stage of the Ti alloy with better biocompatibility and lower elastic modulus-the beta Ti alloy stage.
    Beta alloy arch wire is a 尾 phase Ti alloy containing molybdenum, zirconium and tin elements. Beta alloy archwire was first applied to the orthodontic clinic by Burstone in 1980.
    The elasticity of the Beta alloy arch wire is between the Ni-Ti alloy arch wire and the stainless steel arch wire, which indicates that the force value generated by the Beta alloy arch wire during correction is greater than the Ni-Ti wire and less than the stainless steel wire. This increases the scope of beta Ti company’s scope, which can be used for aligning teeth and completing archwires. In orthodontic treatment, Beta alloy arch wire is often used as an intermediate choice between stainless steel wire and Ni-Ti arch wire.

    Obvious advantage:
    Beta Ti Arch Wires have good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, elasticity and a large range of elastic deformation, and their clinical manifestations are easy to adjust the size of the correction force.
    Beta Ti Arch Wires has an elasticity between nickel-titanium wire and stainless steel wire, and its range of action is greater.
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    Beta Tianium Arch Wires
    Orthodontic TMA Archwire